Café Cà Phê X Cafe Ollama

When cultura meets Cà Phê, we get community. Get this limited edition swag featuring your two favorite Kansas City coffeeshops — Café Cà Phê, (Kansas City’s first Vietnamese coffeeshop) and Cafe Ollama (Mexican and Woman owned Latinx Coffeeshop.) 


Designed by Jess Nguyen, this masterpiece of a shirt has a multitude of meaning. The front design features a combination of two prevalent games in the Vietnamese culture "bầu cua cá cờp" and the Mexican culture, La Loteria. The back design depicts two different cultural alters: the Ofrenda (Mexican) and bàn thờ (Vietnamese). 


Your purchase helps two BIPOC women owned coffeeshops; both which help break the mold of third wave coffeehouses, introducing a fourth wave of culture, storytelling, diversity and equity. 

10% sales go towards Ryogoku Soccer Academy. 


Pre-orders will be available through December 31st. Please allow for 2-3 weeks of production. Scheduled delivery timeline will be mid January. 

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